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I can give you psychic readings as a medium, or using clairvoyance, Tarot or aura reading. I can work with or without cards, if you prefer me not to use cards during your reading please tell me. As a medium, I have the gift of being able to 'step into your shoes' to make a link with the spirit world to bring you messages from people who have passed over. I can also bring messages from your own spirit guides using my clairvoyance.


I come from a long line of spiritualist mediums. Both my Grandfather and Great-Grandfather were mediums and I was brought up in a very spiritualist, medium atmosphere. I experienced visitations in my teens but didn't want to get involved with it then. I left it alone for a few years then whilst I was living in Los Angeles I went to a psychic fayre. I had a reading from a Welsh man who told me I would return to it when I had some life experience. I started to sit in development circles for clairvoyance and as a medium for a couple of years after that, to help open the doorway on the mediumship side. Here I learnt to accept my special talents and to augment my ability to cut off my everyday thoughts when giving a psychic reading.


I was out with a neighbour for the evening and at a certain point I felt really strongly that he should go home immediately. I went with him and on our arrival was amazed to see that his house was on fire. The fire brigade had been called but he was very worried as they had not arrived and he knew his friend was still inside. I rushed into my own house to summon help. My stepfather crawled under the smoke to rescue the trapped man. Without this timely clairvoyant intervention it is very possible that he would have been killed by the fire.


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