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I can tell you about the past, present and future of your love life. Together we can talk and walk into the light to correct your stumbling blocks and issues and to open the doors to all you are. I will tell you what is coming your way.


I am a natural born Psychic with extra gifted abilties who will use my Spiritual and Psychic powers to help you on your path. I have been giving readings for many years and like nothing more than to help people to see their way forward.


A client came to me upset because her husband was being unfaithful and though she loved him she wanted to know if he would come back to her and was it worth her waiting for this to happen. I could see that he would soon tire of the person he was seeing and would come back to her before the end of the year. She later came back and told me it all happened in the way I said it would and they are now very happy again.


Astrology, Tarot, Clairvoyance, Love & Relationships, Dreams, Auras, Career