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I am a Clairvoyant and work mostly with my intuition to understand the situation with a few details from the client. I also use a Crystal ball with a Reiki symbol to connect more deeply for a positive solution and what you can do to make your life more beautiful and easy going. The Crystal ball method works perfectly for good luck, especially for the love seekers.


I meditate deeply on a regular basis and have done much work on the growth of my inner self. I used to work in a very co-operative atmosphere, but I found that inner life had so much to give so I started to live in a very rural area and I spent a few years in silence. Just by living very close to nature my intuition and Psychic skills improved greatly. I now live a very peaceful life which helps me to give my time to helping others.


I had a client who was struggling in his business career, his girlfriend left him and his father had an accident which made his family homeless. He was understandably very negative and uninterested. I could see that he would be fine but he had little faith. He came back to tell me that the next day he got himself a job and within a year the family had a home and he was much happier.


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