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Hello and a very warm welcome to our service. Do you have doubts about your love life? Are you unsure about what you want from life? Please feel free to ask me any question and we will work with my Tarot cards and Spirit guides to find the answers you seek.


I was born with my Psychic ability and introduced to the Spiritual world when I was three years old by my grandmother. She was a known Psychic in India and she trained me. Sadly she passed on four years ago I have been working with my Spirit guides and Tarot cards for the last twenty one years. My grandmohter still helps me from the Spirit world and and guides me whenever I am feeling low or distracted. In spite of having a physical disability the Spirit world had helped me lead a better and more beautiful life and I am now using my powers to inspire people and help them to also live a beautiful life.


I have a lot of stories to tell but the one that touched my heart was of a girl who was about to end her life because of a person who never gave her the respect and love which she deserved. We met by chance by a lake and she was about to jump in when I called her name. She asked me how I knew her name and what I was doing there at such an early hour. We talked for over two hours and she decided not to kill herself. She is now married and a practising advocate.


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