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I use Tarot cards to read your current situation (relationship/career) and what to expect in the near future. I dowse the pendulum to give you answers to your questions and I can connect with my Spirit guides and Angels to guide you in handling a situation so you can be at peace. I can help you connect with your loved ones in Spirit and interpret your dreams and help you analyse the hidden messages that your subconscious or Spiritual side is trying to bring to your attention.


Gazing at the sky, clouds,sun, moon and stars has been a favourite pastime from childhood. I talk to the plants and birds in my garden and have always had a keen interest in knowing about the universe and the way it works. I developed my Psychic abilities over the years by reading lots of books about it and this led me to undertake professional certifications and courses in studies related to this field. I practice auto writing, have learned Tarot reading, Pendulum dowsing, Angel Therapy, Hypnotherapy and dream interpretation.


Returning clients are my success. Once, a client of mine was able to find her grandmother's lost ring through the messages that I gave her.


Tarot, Angels, Medium, Love & Relationships, Spirit Guides, Dreams, Career