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I specialise in Tarot and accentuate my skills with other decks of cards (primarily for a yes or no situation) and with the help of these decks I am able to predict and give guidance on the past, present and future. I can use Feng Shui, Crystals and Vedic Astrology to alleviate issues that may be blocking energies. I have been able to guide people through their problems in love and career and seen repeat customers over a period of time. My readings are direct but compassionate, inspirational and wise.


Ever since I was an adolescent I have had my intuitive powers guiding me. There was a time when my sister in law was delivering her second child and I could see it was a little girl even though I was living far away at the time. I am an experienced Tarot reader who loves to do readings for people needing help and guidance. I once saw the High Priestess in my dreams as me and she told me that I had to continue doing this and leave the thought of working in a 9 - 5 job!


I shall share my first ever reading which was for a client working in a company and with a senior position. He came to me for career guidance and to see what lay ahead. I saw in my cards that he would be unemployed in the next few weeks. He did not pay any heed as he did not believe me. Within two weeks he was fired with immediate effect and came back to me saying he did not believe what I had said but asked me when he was likely to find another job. I could see it would take about six months but that he would succeed if he started up on his own. He could not find a job with another company so eventually started his own business which is now doing well.


Astrology, Tarot, Love & Relationships, Crystals, Dreams, Numerology, Career