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Once I connect with you, I tune into you energetically and understand your sitatuion from your question, using the information that is received intuitively and using the method I feel guided to use - tarot cards, angelicI have always been pretty 'tuned in' as far as I can remember.


I have been interested in tarot and spirituality even as a child, and when I could afford it, I began developing my psychic abilities though reading, taking courses and practising a lot. I believe Spirit gifted me with the best teachers and mentors along the way and till date I keep coming across people who become an integral part of my continuous learning and development in this line. I've learnt from the best people in their respective fields and I have promised to do them proud! I have been working as an intuitive since over three years now. guidance and crystals - I provide you with the best insight I can at the time.


I have many clients come back to me saying that my guidance has really helped them and my predictions have come true. One such client had asked me when she would find love. I remember telling her on a chat in June that she would come across someone interesting in the August, and she has come back just to confirm that she did indeed find someone that she really likes. They are dating now and fingers crossed, he is 'the' one for her!


Tarot, Angels, Crystals, Reiki