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I am an honest, sincere and non-judgemental medium and clairvoyant. Through my psychic online readings I will help you deal with the past in order to guide you towards your future, where there will be better things to come. I will lift your expectations, bringing spirit through to you and offering support on your journey through life.


About eight years ago I had a near death experience. I can remember watching the doctors trying to save me. I remember clearly seeing and hearing spirit, who told me that it was not my time to go. I was ill for eighteen months and during that time I grew closer and closer to my spirit friends. I felt them pushing me towards recovery. This reminded me of my childhood, when I would see angels. I feel that this near death experience was the only way that spirit could encourage me to work with them, passing on messages through giving psychic readings. From being able to predict for myself, I began to predict for others and now give psychic online readings.


During one of my psychic readings, a lady had lost her husband very suddenly and was finding it hard to accept the reality that he wasn't with her any longer. He worked as a courier and had been killed instantly when a car hit his motorbike. This man told his wife, through me, that at the funeral she would look up and see three birds sitting on a branch of a tree. The middle one would look at her and then fly away up towards the heavens and that would be his way of saying goodbye. This brought the lady great comfort. When she attended the funeral, she did indeed see the three birds, two of which remained on the branch as the middle one flew up and away into the sky as I had told her!


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