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I use a number of divination tools such as Tarot and I also have Mediumship skills which will come forth if needed. My guides will let me know which approach is best for each individual. My Psychic skills in conjunction with your guides pass on information for you. Your guides have messages for you that they wish to deliver. All they require is open ears to listen to their messages. I hope you get practical assistance out of your Reading, coming away with a different perspective and greater knowledge.


My Psychic ability has been present from a young age. I was aware that I was different and struggled with this as a child but with time I learned to accept the gifts and become comfortable with their presence. I believe I have been given these gifts for the grerater good. I trained with a renowned Psychic who appeared in a cult TV show in Australia and New Zealand. I have over 20 years' experience connecting to Spirit and it has been an interesting and rewarding journey.


I have had Psychic visions of a number of world wide events, the most notable being 9/11, which was seen in a meditative vision some 11 hours before the event. It came in the form of 3 distinct visions, each for about 20 seconds. The first was the Twin Towers. The second was a mushroom cloud explosion of fire and smoke. The third was of a pentagon shaped gazebo. Spirit knew I had no reference for the pentagon, so it litlerally showed me the shape of a pentagon. This is an example of how Spirit can use different symbols to get messages through, as I may not have the frame of reference for whatever the topic is from my own life experiences.


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