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As your chosen Reader I use my Psychic skills to see (Clairvoyance) and feel (Clairsentience) your energy and your support team in Spirit, which enables me to pass on the answers to your questions. As I am also a Medium I am the voice for your passed family and friends to speak through as they let you know they are around you and sending answers and advice but mostly sending love and support from Heaven.


I began acknowledging Spirit twenty five years ago whilst working as an admin officer in a community health centre, passing on information to nurses from their palliative clients. This information was received just before or just after the clients' passing. I eventually stepped into formal readings working in various locations within Australia and overseas including cafes, crystal shops and markets. My customers are from all corners of the globe and walks of life with many repeat contacts.


A woman enquired about her daughter's direction and future. Guides said that the girl should move to Spain and take up teaching (which was her training), where she would find her life partner. A while after the reading the woman contacted me to say that her daughter had indeed moved to the Spanish countryside and was teaching and was also set to marry and she is now happily married with children. I receive lots of feedback that my predictions have happened and this gives me lots of repeat readings.


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