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You can expect that the readings will be detailed and direct as I channel information Clairaudiently directly from my guides. Further, my natural intuition helps to answer your questions because I sense and feel, as I am Clairsentient, the energy around you, in relation to the questions you are asking about. I also have Mediumship ability and if you wish Tarot or Angel Oracle cards can also be used during the reading.


Coming from a line of Psychic ancestors (maternal grandparents), I have had noticeable Psychic abilities from around fourteen years of age, however, I did not develop or enhance these abilities until I was twenty seven. I have had various experiences including having many Psychic readings where the Psychic referred to me as being Clairsentient or empathic. I have trained in Psychic development using many different techniques and tools including Psychometry (reading energy off objects), Oracle/Tarot cards, Aura readings, Automatic Writing, Channelling and Mediumship.


I gave a reading to a client who called himself an 'open minded sceptic'. I used both Channelling and Oracle cards to receive the information from my guides, where I revealed to him he was currently planting a garden, landscaping, and was struggling financially all of which he validated. He had lost his job and I said that he would find a new one within 2 - 3 months. I also revealed to him that he felt at times he 'gritted his teeth' in regards to communication with his wife and she felt the same and that opening up the lines of communication between them would result in a greater appreciation of each other. He left the reading with a changed mind and he said 'that was different' and events unfolded as predicted.


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