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I tap into my Spirit guides and receive messages. I will answer any questions regarding personal life or career matters and if necessary, I will connect with loved ones, either friends or family members in Spirit, to help you to receive closure on losing your loved ones. My readings will give guidance and clarity in your life.


I discovered I was Clairaudient at seven years of age when I received messages from my Spirit guide and when I was twenty seven my younger sister bought me my first pack of Tarot cards. I worked in a bookshop in Sydney and was the resident Psychic there for ten years then in 1989 I spent time in Bali and received my Four Directions certificate. This covered native American ways using the four elements and past lives.


I first met my client Julie six years ago when she was very disappointed in life. She had had many disappointing love relationships and was not happy in her career. That has now changed and she is a very happy client. I predicted that a man would enter her life and she contacted me after the reading to let me know that the description I gave her regarding the man she would meet was so good that she has learnt to open up her heart again. I have also helped Julie in the last few years by working on her low self esteem using the Native American ways to overcome her personal issues. She is now very happy with her personal life, is achieving her goals in her career and is a lot more confident in herself and can move ahead in her life


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