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I'm a Psychic Medium and I work through my guides who will give me information to pass on. I will also use my Clairaudience, Clairvoyance and Clairsentience and read your auric field which will hold information about you. That being I will see, hear and sense things abut you and your journey here and may bring through loved ones from Spirit with messages of joy and comfort to assist you. I've also taught Psychic development and performed platform demonstrations. I believe in remaining humble and work to serve Spriit for your greater good.


I grew up in a funeral parlour and we used to jump in the coffins and pretend we were dead and going to heaven. It was a Spiritual environment but it wasn't until I was in my teens that I started to more fully experience Psychic occurrences like sensing someting wasn't right before it happened, as in when a friend's father passed away and I felt a strange presence the night it occurred. I began to trust this and my scepticism for the Psychic realm diminished. I was lucky enough to be mentored in a Psychic circle by an experienced Medium who had trained in one of the Spritualist chuches in Australia when I was in my 20's. I sat in a circle and developed and honed this ability. My team of Spirit guides give me messages that I will pass on to you. I may receive this information by hearing, seeing, sensing or feeling.


When I was nineteen I stopped my car one night around 10pm thinking there was a man in my back seat. The next day my good friend told me her father had died that night around 10pm from a heart attack, and they had found him in the back seat of his car! Another example of my premonitions is that I told my sister that her car would catch on fire in about 5 weeks. It did. There was an electrical fault and the wiring caught fire, just when I said it would.


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