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There are many ways I connect with spirit and for the reading. I work using clairsentience (clear feeling), clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudient (clear hearing), clairtangency (clear touching), clairscent (clears smell) and clairaustine (clear tasting). My other ways to tune into Divine Spirit are through mediumship - sensing the non-physical energies. Tarot, Oracle, Angel, Rune stones and Crystal Ball readings are also used to help you as well as seeing pictures and symbols.


When young I used to see and hear the spirits of loved ones and others who would communicate with me. As a child I did not understand this but as I grew up came to accept it as part of life. I have had many encounters with spirit, like knowing I will see someone and then I do, or meeting them and helping spirit move to the light, or they have helped me as well. I started going to spiritual development circles and doing channelling at the local spiritualist churches, doing readings for family and friends to begin with, and then people would just come for readings and it snowballed. I now do professional readings privately and at market, run circles and workshops myself. I am also a spiritual writer and artist and have had work published. Spirit keeps expanding me out and I see doing this as a blessing - I love doing this work - it is my life.


When I was in my 20’s I was biking home one night in summer from work when I got close to the bridge near home and saw a man on a bike coming towards me. As we got close to the bridge he smiled and disappeared. I raced home and told my husband who knew him as “Old Tom”. He was known for cycling around the local area and had long passed since I moved there. Many years passed and I was travelling home with a friend one night when I was telling them about this experience when we neared the bridge and the car went cold and we saw an orb that appeared in front of the car and floated through to where Tom’s house had been. This happened twice with the same friend. As it turned out my friend knew Old Tom as they were local to the area. I was pleased he got help as he had been waiting for someone who recognised him. His house had stood where we had seen the orbs. He moved on to the light and I had a dream that he appeared and told me to write this story and I did this, and it got published in 2009. After this story was published I was at a market in Temuka and travelling back home I had a strong urge to pull into the local pub and I decided to get some take away for tea. I noticed, once inside, a picture on the wall of Old Tom and he had a particular spot as it happened according to the owner and he printed a photo of him for me. Since then I have met many people who knew of him or knew him personally. A friend of Geraldine’s partner knew him as he had grown up in the house we are in now and he had been a neighbour. This is often how it goes with me and I have had many experiences along these lines and stories published after the event. I am grateful for all this.


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