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Amy C

In my astrological readings your date, place and time of birth is used to cast a chart for you and/or your partner, children and friendships. Using this information I will interpret the past, present and future energies present at a given point in time. Relationships, career and any area of life is able to be assessed with a time of birth. Without the time of birth I can see 'what' is happening but not 'where' (in which area of your life) the energy is getting carried out. Astrology is a very accurate timing device for the 'energy' present at any given point in time. We all make our own choices in life but astrology gives us the foreknowledge.


I was introduced to an astrologer when I was 18. He then consulted for me for five years until it reached a point where I wanted to know more about the subject myself, so I started to research it with the birth of my first child. Then, five years later other astrologers told me I should be doing readings myself, so, hesitant at first - I did! Twenty years later I am still doing readings and really enjoy helping other people with this amazing predictive science!


A man happened to move in across the road after the passing of his wife not long before. During our first conversation I knew I could help him with the use of astrology, to find closure. He was adamant at first that he was not into that sort of 'stuff' and was not at all interested. But then a couple of days later some of the things I had said had been going over in his head, so he was wanting to clarify things further. He gave me the task of a reading, not of the future, but the past. He was secretly testing me, but I knew this! I gave him a detailed reading of the times in his life I felt would have had a strong impact. A few days later we met up and he was totally flabbergasted! I started my reading of him at the age of 15. He went on to tell me that I had pinpointed his joining the navy as well as four years later when he was honourably discharged, when he got married, had his daughter, was promoted at work, changed his residence and eventually the promotion of his last job and when he eventually left that job some 20 plus years later. Since that time has has asked me to do a reading for his grandson's future and has become a firm advocate for astrology!


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