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Catherine P

Would you like me to help you? I will ask you for your name and date of birth and I will be able to tell much about your life from this. I will then ask you to give me three questions and to pick seven cards and from these I can give you answers to your questions. I may also want you to tell me about the marks on your hands as I can pick up a lot of information from these too.


I like to pass on the teachings I received from my mother. When I was very young I had two imaginary friends with me all the time that only I could see. My mates next door always thought there was something wrong with me and laughed. But my mother knew what was going on and told me it was my secret and I should not tell anyone except her and my father. I am an old nurse and found my ability very hard when I dealt with patients as I could often feel the pain and I often knew I was wanted before the patient rang the bell. I have seen the spirit rise up when a patient was close to death and when the resuscitation was successful I could see it return into the body. I liked to sit with these patients so I could ask them what they felt and many times it was the same story.


In 2008 I was asked to do a reading about what I thought would happen in the election and I told them the mayor would change, who the new mayor would be and this is what happened. I also told them that the funding for their V8 rally would be delivered and this became a reality. In 2009 when a local newspaper asked me what I could see in the future for their area, I said this is not the time for investment in the area but there would be changes coming. This could happen in 2010/2011, there would be money coming to the town for new industries and by 2014 the town would be on top again. We have just been told the Government has committed themselves for a very large amount and there would be over 8000 workers needed to build the new venture that should be finished by 2014/18. This is now happening.


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