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I am a talented clairvoyant and astrologer as well as giving angel card readings. I can work with or without cards, if you prefer me not to use cards during your reading please tell me. The insights in my psychic readings will help light the way forward for you. Although not a medium in the traditional sense, I will be able to bring you evidence of life after this one through my Spirit guides and I will offer you a positive way forward in your life.


I realised I had special psychic reading gifts from the age of six. Later in life I began to realise that the enjoyment I derived from people could be combined with my spiritual understanding and talents to follow a path as a professional clairvoyant. I tune in empathically to people's problems and this ability leads to tremendous discoveries in my psychic readings. I also encourage my callers to develop their own psychic abilities. I recommend that you note down your first impressions of people and events before logic sets in and keep a dream record. I feel that being a psychic means that I have a clear vision of my path and frequently the paths of others.


Some time ago a TWA jet tragically crashed. At the same time I experienced astral travel, or dream travel, to where the jet was crashing and I saw a detail that did not come out until later. My visions and premonitions can guide me when giving a psychic reading to a caller and I find that the readings I feel most gifted with have to do with emotional and relationship problems. After giving guidance to so many callers in this area, I have these wise words to share: "Once we find our own inner joy we attract it back through love and peace, this is the essence of what we call happiness". To discover how to create your own happiness, give me a call and let me give you a psychic online reading.


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