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I can step into your shoes and walk with you, understanding the decisions you have to make and the issues that concern you. As a clairvoyant and psychic, I can use tools such as runes and dream interpretation to shed light on your situation. I am also an experienced astrologer.


I got into astrology to help me to analyse the way people work. I find it reassuring that other people have been through the things I have been through! It makes me feel stronger knowing there's a sort of worldwide unity. All this has given me an amazing insight into relationship problems and coupled with my psychic and clairvoyant gifts, my psychic readings are a must for anyone with relationship struggles. I am quite good at predicting emotional banana skins...people who are going to slip up before looking where they are going! I once predicted during a love reading that a lady would find love but mentioned there would be hurdles in the way. There was...a child's scooter and she ended up having a relationship with her physiotherapist!


A close friend of mine was desperate for a relationship. I felt she had been on her own for long enough and couldn't understand why she wasn't meeting anyone. The advice given to her by everyone was that she should be more social. She thought she was quite a social person but no-one was being specific. In desperation she asked me for a psychic love reading to tell her where to go. The message spirit gave to me was that she would meet her partner in a quiz situation so I told her to go to a pub quiz night. She went, met her partner and in the last year they have had a beautiful baby together and are very happy!


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