Eileen B

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Eileen B

You will find in me a caring and sympathetic clairvoyant reader, specialising in all areas of the heart, home, family and career. I have a gift of mediumship and clairvoyance and an understanding of the Tarot which brings faithfulness in every psychic reading. I help you to see an overview of your situation, so that you feel able to make the right choices in your life.


I was told I was psychic many times as a young girl and being hypersensitive to others' problems, I realised that I could help people if they would listen to me. As a teenager I was aware of a lady who kept sitting on my bed at night and a medium confirmed that it was my grandmother who was checking that I was well. About twenty years ago I developed an interest in the tarot and devised my own method of interpretation. I seem to understand how the tarot works intuitively. I have extensive experience in the use of the tarot cards to examine your life, now and in the future. I also work quite closely with links to my guides in the spirit world.


A lady rang me with a concern about property. I could see that she was also concerned about her relationship and her work. I was able to put her mind at rest about all the issues very quickly. I foresaw marriage and promotion for her, both of which took place that year. A man rang me for a love reading and I could see that although his current relationship might not survive its troubles, he was going to meet someone soon after and marry her. I could also see two children in his future and him looking very happy outside his large house with his family around him. He confirmed some time later that I was right in every detail!


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