Tracy J

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Tracy J

I am a medium and a Tarot card reader as well as working with angels. I will ask you for your name and date of birth and then I will simply connect with spirit and tune in with the Tarot cards. You are most welcome to ask me any questions at all that you would like and I will help you with any problems or situations that you have. I love this work and reading online.


I have always seen spirit and since I was aged 4, I have always seen ghosts and people's spirit guides. I have been a psychic reader for 24 years now and have developed my skills and abilities into other areas whilst growing in experience, knowledge and awareness.


I gave a reading a few years ago when I went into a shop to do some 'ghostbusting' work. I found as I was going up the stairs that I could not breathe correctly and I could smell smoke and see fire all around me and people running, trying to get away. I found out later that this shop in Liverpool had a fire in the 1960's and about 10 people sadly lost their lives.


Tarot, Angels, Clairvoyance, Medium, Past Lives, Psychic, Reiki