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Poppy B

How would you like to borrow my spirit guides to give you really great insight into what ever is causing you concern today ?I worknaturally with my Spirit guides and use Tarot and Angel cards as a tool to helpthe reading flow. My guides give me alink into your character which enables me to get a close insight into who youare and what is around you. I also workclosely with crystals which reveal to me what energy you need. My Pendulum also assists me to answer moredirect questions, offering you guidance in the areas of concern you have.


When I wassmall child I had an aunt who read the tea leaves and Tarot cards. She gave me inspiration to try reading formyself as she knew and I knew, I had a natural gift. As I teenager I began reading playing cardswhich at first my friends would tease me about. However after a while they all began to realise that I had given somevery helpful information and what I had told them had come true. Also my grandmother had died when I was ayoung girl. She was like my mum as shewas the one who brought me up. I was illas a child and had to go into hospital. I remember lots of people standing round my bed worrying and frettingover me. However I wasn t looking atthem from my hospital bed, I was floating above them watching them with mygrandmother. We were talking about megoing with her. I remember seeing lotsof beautiful flowers and bright warming lights and being so happy that I waswith my grandmother. Grandmother said tome that it wasn t my time as I had too much to do with my life and that peopleneeded me. So she sent me back to mybed. After this I turned my back onspirituality for a few years as I was sulking that I wasn t allowed to go withmy grandmother. When I was aboutnineteen years old my grandmother appeared to me again. She gave me a firm but kind talking to,telling me that I needed to buck up my attitude as people out there needed meand that was the reason I was allowed back onto the earth plane. It was not long after that that I startedpsychic reading again and I have been doing so ever since.


About ayear ago, I did a psychic reading for a man who was in a desperate state andwas thinking that he had nothing to carry on for. His wife had left him, his house was going tobe repossessed the very next day and he felt very low. I gently coaxed him through the reading,offering him hope and reassurances that I could see a very happy life ahead forhim and that slowly, slowly his life would get back on track. I asked him to call his bank and tell themhis situation as I saw that he would not lose his home. I also asked him to call the Samaritans as asupport, as I could see that he could get help. He did get help and support and he did get back on track and managed tosave his home. He still calls me now tolet me know how he is getting on.


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