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Being a chat only Reader I will use my Psychic gift as well as Tarot cards, Angels and Spirit guides to guide you through your path in life. I will see and tell all information as it is given to me through the Spirit guides. I offer advice on all matters of life such as love, relationships, family, career and home.


I am a second generation Psychic and have twenty years' experience in doing readings and giving advice to others.


I read for a lady who had had many failed relationships and was afraid of being alone and never finding the right person. My Spirit guides provided information about someone new coming into her life and that this would be the right person for her, how she would meet him, a description of him and that this was someone from her past coming back into her life. She felt very confused because there was a man from her past that she once loved but who was involved with someone else. She contacted me three months later to say that her and the gentleman in question were now in a wonderful relationship as he was no longer with his previous partner. She contacted me recently to let me know that they were engaged and getting married and she was very happy and she is still a client of mine to this day.


Tarot, Clairvoyance, Love & Relationships, Spirituality, Spirit Guides, Psychic