Angelina D

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Angelina D

I am a sincere and caring spiritualist medium and gifted psychic, I channel spirit using energies and voice vibration. In my online readings I use tools such as the Tarot cards and ribbons to give guidance in any situation such as love and relationships, career and financial aspects. I always use my spirit guides and also the loved ones of my callers to give more clarification and depth to my readings, which are always uplifting.


As a child I had many different experiences of seeing and feeling the prescence of spirits. As I got older I decided to investigate these experiences, which led me to my local spiritualist church. There I started developing my natural gifted ability, and that was fourteen years ago now. Since developing I have worked with various churches and companies with platform mediumship, and also one to one readings using my mediumship, Tarot and psychometry gifts. I also run my own development circle helping others to enhance their own gifts and ability. I am a dedicated, honest and sincere reader, with a natural healing ability which enhances the uplift of my readings. I work to the highest standard to help and guide anyone in any situation.


A few months ago I was asked by a friend if I could help someone locate a wedding ring that had been lost. This ring had been in the family for 3 generations and had been lost for some time. Using my gift and my spirit guide I gave the person directions as to where the ring was. That evening, I got a phone call from a very relieved person saying that the ring had been found exactly where I had stated and that if they had not found it when they did, then it would have been lost forever. The ring was in the corner of a bedroon stuck under the skirting board under the carpet, the next day the floor boards were being replaced so it would have fallen never to be seen again.


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