Michelle P

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Michelle P

I am looking forward to helping you and guiding you using my psychic Tarot predictions. I can offer you a full years prediction and give you a detailed explanation of what lies ahead month by month. I can also answer specific questions for you, helping you on your journey through life.


I am a renouned Tarot reader and psychic. The gift has been in my family as far back as we know, dating from the dunking of one of my relatives in the Canterbury Docking Canal, still in existance today, accused of witchcraft for her psychic gift ! I have been reading the cards since the age of 13, have many clients and have featured in a well known magazine.


I have many regular clients, all who come back to me because of the predictions forecast coming true. The most memorable of these was a reading given to a lady who had lost everything, her house, her marriage and her child. The lady was heartbroken and could see no light or end to this. I however saw her child returning and her home given back. for over 12 weeks I kept her focused and strong with the readings, telling her I could see this coming. She trusted me and within 12 weeks, as I predicted, the husband signed over the house to her without forcing a sale and handed back her child.


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