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With the help of my guides I use my clairvoyance and clairsentience to tune in with your voice vibration. I use Tarot cards and Oracle message cards to get an overall picture of your situation. I can work with or without cards, if you prefer me not to use cards during your reading please tell me. I am also a medium and will get messages from the spirit world. Your loved ones on the other side are all around you and waiting to give you their guidance. My online readings are unique and will help you to focus on a positive life ahead.


I have over 25 years experience working with private clients and national phone line work. I have many people who call back on a regular basis. I have had my gift all my life and as a child I would hear and see spirits. I was lucky to live near a wooded area and play for hours there. When I look back I think this enhanced my sensitivity as I have always been at one with nature, therefore grounded and able to seek the guidance for others.


The lady I have been consulting with for some time had difficult relationship issues. I described her future partner whom she is now married to, she was adamant she would never marry again! Her husband also sold his business the month I predicted. It had been up for sale for two years previous.


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