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With my online readings I give an honest insightful reading, bringing you peace of mind. I use the Tarot cards, my psychic ability and my spirit guides to make a strong connection with you. I am given visions, words and future happenings to pass on. I have a natural ability to link with my callers by picking up on their energy and focussing on helping to resolve their problems. I give guidance on the future and can clearly show the path forward for them. I have helpfully helped my online callers in many areas including love, relationships, family, and work and careers. Gentle honesty is also very important to me in my readings.


My natural psychic ability was passed to me from my mother. People have always been drawn to me since I was a teenager, as I have grown and matured over the years, so has my psychic awareness and understanding of the spirit world. Dream analysis is a strong gift of mine. My spirit guides have been my teachers, they have taught me and guided me through many years of readings, guiding and empowering people to move forward with their lives. I have always been passionate about my readings, and I aim for the higher good in all situations.


During the many years that I have been doing online readings, several success stories have come to light, one being a lady who called me in a panic because she could not find her passport and was going abroad the next day. My spirit guides described in detail where it was, not in her house but at her mothers. I was given a vision of the room and the drawer it was in. A very happy lady called back later to say that she found it in exactly that place, her mother had put it away for safety. Another success story was a very sad lady whose husband had left her after a long marriage, she called me to ask about her future and whether he would return to her. With honesty and kindness I gently told her that he had moved on to be with someone else. She did not accept this at this point, but just a week later she called me again to say that my words were true. From that day to this she has called me most months for guidance and strength to help her through, she now rings less frequently, but to say 'what would I have done without you and your spirit guides'. I am pleased to say she has finally met a lovely man who I feel she will be with for the rest of her life.


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