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I am a natural born Intuitive and I work with Angel cards and communicate with my Spirit guides to help you find the most positive answers for you. I am a certified lifestyle coach and have worked with empowering individuals to find their true life purpose. I am passionate about helping people know their true self worth and helping them to recognise when there is an opportunity, as at times we have many roads ahead of us and sometimes we are unsure which road to walk down. I believe by empowering people to listen and trust their intuition they will become confident with their ability to make positive decisions. I use all of my coaching experience when doing a reading for a client and I always look for the positives in every given situation no matter how challenging it may appear at the time.


From a young age I have always heard voices and visualised pictures that would describe situations. As I grew older I realised that those pictures were communicating messages about people around me. I remember seeing a close friend run when I was sat beside her. The following day her parents were worried because she had run away from home because of abuse she had to face from her father. Over time I chose to ignore my gift because I didn't understand why I had these feelings and felt they were negative feelings but then came back to it later on in life.


As a reader I am always happy when there is a positive outcome. I had a client who was anxious about a major career move. She was unsure about taking a step towards promotion because the salary did not improve greatly and she wasn't sure she could deal with any extra responsibilities. I could see her working her way up the ladder and becoming a manager in her field. She accepted the promotion and within a year her pay improved and she was promoted to a managerial position.


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