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The aim of my readings is to help people feel at ease with whatever situation they find themselves in and making sure they feel supported and uplifted. I specialise in readings regarding the Spiritual dimensions of your life and love to help people connect to their Spiritual guides and allies through my readings.


Having had an interest in the Spiritual dimensions of life since childhood, I have always felt drawn towards helping others however I can. I have been reading the Tarot since my early teens and have been reading for clients professionally since 2010. I have studied many magical and Spiritual practises from around the world which have all enriched my style of reading over the years.


A regular client once came to me concerned about work as she was struggling to find a job in her home town and with two small children to raise she was worried about money coming in. The cards were very clear that a massive opportunity, not just for herself but for her whole family, was right around the corner, but she was not looking in the right place and she needed to look further afield. A few months passed and I heard back from her, very excited, having just emigrated to start her new job overseas!


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