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As a Psychic Medium, I am naturally understanding and Empathic. I often feel your emotions as I link in closely with your energy. As I begin to work I connect with my Spirit Guides, your loved ones in Spirit and the Tarot to pinpoint exactly where you may need guidance. In order that I can give you the most out of your reading I can walk your walk and offer clarity as to the best possible way forward in any area of your life including love and relationships, career and life purpose.


As a young child my gift of seeing Spirit was ever present but as I grew older this gift took a back seat as life began to take over. I have always been empathic, enabling me to feel how another is feeling from afar. My Psychic gifts have always been with me enabling me to know when things are about to happen to myself and others. I started reading the Tarot at a young age and over the years I have attended many development circles to sit and draw on my connection to Spirit on a deeper level.


I love to hear my predictions and guidance have helped others. One story springs to mind. Whilst reading for a lady her grandmother in Spirit was passing on messages to her, and she said she wanted to talk to her about her brother who was making big life changes such as moving to a different town and giving up his current business to go into partnership with someone else. Her grandmother told her that he was haviing serious doubts but was too scared to stop the process. Her advice to him was to slow the process down and re-think. My client had no idea her brother was having doubts so when she told him he was relieved and thankfully, he took the advice, changed his mind and is now very happy.


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