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Transformation Coaching is a highly effective and rapid means of releasing the hidden potential of people and helping you reach your goals and objectives more quickly than you ever thought possible.


My gift emerged when I was 21 after a life changing, traumatic experience. I heard Spirit say, "What did you go and do that for?" A month later I spoke to a Spiritualist who invited me into her development circle and after about a year my gifts of Mediumship, Clairvoyance and automatic writing got stronger and stronger. I attended Spiritualist churches and kept getting messages telling me that I should be doing this type of work. My opportunity came purely by accident and being in the right place at the right time.


I was working with a colleague who was in a relationship that was going nowhere and she asked me to read her cards. I agreed and told her that someone was going to come into her life and turn her world upside down. She didn't believe me and said it would never happen. She did eventually meet a man via a friend of hers who she fell head over heels in love with and to this day is still married to him and has a 19 year old daughter.


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