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When engaged in a Reading with me I am able to give you clarity into situations which may have been on going and confusing. As a very thorough Reader I aim to get to the root of things using my Psychic ability to help you work towards ways of resolving issues. Working with my guides I usually connect quickly and as I connect to the higher energies also as a Spiritual Reader, I am able to give a more indepth view of any situation. As a Medium, where appropriate, I will bring assistance and communication from loved ones since passed, conveying messages with empathy, compassion and understanding.


As a natural Psychic Medium my skills have developed over many years working very naturally and closely with my guides through a great deal of different stages of my work. My skills initially developed in my early twenties working on the Psychic level only and through work, experience and life lessons, continued forward into Mediumship. I have over 20 years' experience in Reading via telephone, in one to one, group environments and demonstration. I have assisted clients both up and down the UK and iinternationally.


Several years ago a client came to see me, having never experienced a Reading before and was seeking help after losing a family member. A few minutes into the Reading I connected with a gentleman in Spirit who on communicating was insistent I mention a particular wristwatch that was important to him. My client stood up in amazement and put his hand in his pocket and pulled out his father's watch which he had brought with him hoping to have contact from him. I was so pleased for him that his father came through so quickly and clearly and was obviously aware he had brought his watch along!!!


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