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With guidance from Spirit and my Tarot cards I provide honest and meaningful readings to help you make important decisions in your life. I am caring and compassionate and will drill down into core subjects that arise in readings in order to help you see the situations more clearly. I can provide you with the empowerment and confidence to see things for what they really are.


I inherited my gifts from both my mother and father's side of the family which I feel is quite unique. From being a young child I always felt 'different' and like I wasn't alone and had knowledge and wisdom for someone of such a young age. Later on I went on to develop these skills by attending development circles, gaining a diploma in Tarot reading, reading Crystal Balls and more recently Mediumship skills. After years of worrying about how strange I come across when telling people I've had vivid dreams and seen people who had passed over to Spirit, I finally found the courage to embrace and accept the gift I'd been given. Seeing how my guidance helps people and gives them the confidence to face life head on is what makes my journey in life fully worthwhile.


Amongst the number of readings and guidance I have provided to people, the story that stands out most to me is providing a young lady with guidance in her relationship. I instantly picked up that some justice was going to be served and I could see a little boy and a man. The Tarot cards and Spirit revealed to me that the mum of the little boy, who the young lady was a step mum to would come back on the scene to try to get full time access to the boy and also lure her husband back into their home by being deceitful. By providing this guidance and insight it allowed the young lady to look at the situation from a different perspective and make decisions based on being fully informed. The outcome was that she was able to not rise to her husband's ex partners lies and successfully ensure the little boy was still in full custody to them. She is now a regular client.


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