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I am experienced in reading for every area of life. Readings with me may focus on specific issues or be of a general nature, the choice is yours. My Readings are designed to support, empower and inspire. When I work with Spirit I use a range of Psychic abilities: Spirit Mediumship, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience. The wisdom of my Spirit guide enables me to deliver information in the way that is perfect for you at this time. During your Reading I will refer to past, present and future events in the context of your current situation. A Reading with me will leave you feeling more peaceful, lighter and more confident as you go forward in life. I am here to help you overcome the challenges on your path.


I am a born Spirit Medium, aware of my ability from a very young age. I began using my gifts professionally over twenty years ago. During my own journey with Spirit I have had the privilege to guide many others no only in their day to day life path but also on their path of Psychic and Spiritual development. Currently, in addition to offering private Readings, I run development classes and give demonstrations of Mediumship and Clairvoyance: teaching the truth about the continuation of the Spirit after the death of the physical body. Helping others to find comfort in the knowledge that there really is 'more than this' to life.


One of the very first people I ever did a professional Reading for was brought to me by her friend who believed a Reading might help her. I will call her Maureen. Maureen married when she was just seventeen and her husband was, she believed, and still believes, her true soul mate. However, after just five years of marriage her husband left her for another person, his best (male) friend! Maureen was left devastated and had tried to take her life not once, but three times. This all came out in the reading and I realised Maureen's true state of desperation. However, her grandmother and sister, who had both passed to the Spirit world when Maureen was just nine, stepped forward, bringing messages that would change her direction. She turned her life around and is now happily married with her own family. Knowing her grandmother and sister were with her, watching over her, gave her the strength she needed to keep going even though her heart was broken.


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