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In need of guidance in some areas of your life? I can provide you with practical advice on making the best of whatever your current life situation is using my extensive knowledge of the Tarot, combined with Oracle cards and my natural intuition. The main tool I work with is the Tarot, it forms the structure and body of my readings. As I shuffle the deck, I tune into you. Once I talk you through the messages I receive from the Tarot, this becomes a springboard for more cards to come out. I pull Oracle cards intuitively from variousdecks throughout my readings as these can give an extra layer of meaning to my Tarot reading and often provide confirmation of what has been said.


I have always had natural intuitive abilities since childhood and a very active visual mind. From the age of 13 I have been actively studying a wide variety of spiritual and magical traditions. I have always looked into anything esoteric I can get my hands on. My practices in some of the traditions I have been exposed to, has really helped me to strengthen my own intuitive abilities. I am a Wiccan High Priest (Alexandrian, for those who are interested), and much of the training I go through sharpens my intuitive and psychic abilities. I have studied and read Tarot since the late 90's and read for friends and family for 10 years before I ever went professional with my readings.


I once had the opportunity to go and live and work in Thailand for a year. Every time I looked at my cards, I got indications that I would not be happy and would not enjoy the experience. I consulted other friends and acquaintances of mine who are readers and they could all see the same thing. I actually lost my job before I was due to fly out to Thailand but as I couldn't get a refund on the flight, I thought I would go against the advice of the Tarot and go anyway. I was back within the week! I didn't like the place I would have stayed in, HOWEVER, I was glad I experienced some of the temples there and glad that I tested the advice of the Tarot (we shouldn't fear it or let it control our lives) I agree that the Tarot doesn't lie, but 99% of the time, it gives us many options. I want my clients to go away with options and advice, not a list of do's and don'ts.


Tarot, Angels, Wicca, Psychic