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I start with Tarot cards and work closely with Spirit, this can be either my guides or Spirit around the person I am working with. I am a natural born empath and this means I pick up on people's energy and how they feel and this helps me connect on a more personal level. It is important to me that when the reading is finishefd the person feels empowered and in a better place than when they first picked up the phone. I do sometimes use Oracle cards which are my personal design and they help me connect with Spirit around the person having the reading.


My Great Gran was a Medium and did readings at her kitchen table to earn a bit of extra money. She has always been around me right from an early age and I also work with the moon and one of my main influences is the moon goddess Selene. I started off working with health giving energy and just knowing that certain things were going to happen. Then I took up with Tarot cards and using them as a tool I predicted many things in my life. Having children halted my professional progress, but my Spiritiual development continued, and I started picking up Spirit around me more and being able to channel messages gave me confidence to get into professional readings.


One of my favourite stories relates to Spirit coming through. A young girl came to see me and as soon as she walked in there were orbs all around us. I mentioned to her that I worked withg Spirit and sometimes they came in close enought to pass messages on. She responded by telling me it would be her grandad but I said it was more of a female energy. She still insisted it would be her grandad as she had been told this beofre. I said that it was more a female energy. During the reading I had a very strong sensation up my left arm and across my left breast and got the feeling of breast cancer as Spirit usually tell me what they passed with. I gave this information to the girl and she told me that her grandmother had died before she was born and it was of breast cancer.


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