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I use the Tarot cards to give me a feel of what's been going on around you over the past few months and at present. At all times I am switched on to any Spirit that want to come through, although I must stress that Spirit do not always come through in readings. If they do then I will incorporate them into the reading. I then move onto the Angel cards and these give a clearer account of what's in store for the next few months. My love cards bring forth the people around us and alow me to see who they are and why they are there. I then go back to the Tarot cards which by now should be confirming things and I finish off with three angel cards which is an overall summary of the reading. I will always be checking back with you to make sure you are happy.


I have been able to sense and hear things from a young age, although I didn't start working with the Tarot cards until fifteen years ago. Since then my ability to read many different types of cards has grown. I use meditation a lot so I can concentrate my mind on my readings. I have had no formal training although I did have six lessons from a friend of mine who is a Medium; she helped me to work with my Spirit guides better and trust in what I was doing.


I was reading at a fair for a charity when a lady came into the tent. As she came in I saw a young boy at the side of her who was about six years old. My first card showed me that this lady had a set of twins although the young boy was telling me he only lived for a few hours. I spoke to her about the boy and she confirmed this was true. I described the boy to her and told her that she had done nothing wrong, it just wasn't his time to be on Earth. I told her that he was with her at all times and that his brother often played with him. This shocked her as her son had always claimed to be playing with his brother. Towards the end of the reading a young boy came running into the tent shouting for his mother and I could see the two boys were identical. The lady was very grateful because her mind was now at rest and she knew he was at peace and also that her son was indeed, in touch with his brother.


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