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I am a highly experienced Intuitive Psychic and blessed to be a clear, powerful and loving channel for Spirit to work through. I have a real passion for Tarot and love to bring this together with my Claircognience and Clairvoyance when I connect with you. I specialise in love and relationships, how to move through life transitions and changes and how to create a life you can love.


Like many, I found myself thrust onto my true path with Spirit after I had a shocking 'wake up call' in my personal life. From here went on to spend many years developing my connection directly through Spirit. My team have worked with me every step of the way and have tailored my learning in a way that has been unique and perfect for who I am. I now embody what I believe in and live a life I love - and want to support you in doing the same. I am blessed to have many years' experience in many areas including Tarot and Psychic Readings, intuitive living, past and concurrent life experiences, soul evolution, life transition and changes and soul coaching.


One year I was with a client at the end of December and we chose to explore what possibilities the next twelve months might have in store. We looked at it all month by month which turned out to be this was a huge Tarot spread that took up the whole floor! The detail that was coming through was really specific. I winced a bit because we had a whole year for this to play out, but when Spirit has something to say, out it comes! As each month passed, we would continue to meet in person and be awestruck at how everything was revealing itself to be true, from the transitions she would have with men in her life to the closing of doors with problematic people, the beautiful opportunites and even the curveballs - all of it was true to those cards spread out on the carpet. Amazing!


Tarot, Clairvoyance, Love & Relationships, Spirituality, Clairsentient, Psychic