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I want to give you the best reading possible. To do this I will use my Tarot cards, Runes and my Psychic ability in combination and you will feel uplifted.


I have always been aware of my Psychic abilities and only recently have I been using them professionally. I am always searching for new methods to use to help me tune my Psychic mind and help me gain a higher understanding of the subject.


An elderly lady, who lived next door to me, was telling my Mum and myself that she had to move house because of her mobility problems and was dreading it, having lived in her home for over 40 years. I suddenly said, " Well you'll be alright because your best friend lives in the same bungalows." We were all surprised by what I'd said and when her and my Mum asked why I said that all I could tell them was that I just knew her best friend from school was living in the same block of bungalows she would be moving to. The next day she went to view her new home and as she was leaving a lady came over to say welcome and ask when she was moving in. After a few minutes they realised that they knew each other and that they had been best friends at school nearly sixty years before. My neighbour felt that her moving was now the best thing she could do as she and her friend would be so close for each other.


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