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I use my clear intuitive vision to relate to your situation, your questions, your feelings and your positive way forward. My guides embody compassion and wish nothing but the best for you.


My journey began sixteen years ago when I met a uniquely gifted teacher and the world of spirit was opened up to me. Today I use my Clairvoyance and the contact with my compassionate guides to read your situation, your dreams, your past lives and the future pathway. My feet are always on the ground - my focus is to find that most postive pathway this incredible universe has found for you. Over the years I have read for many people, seeing their current situation, understanding their past and placing myself in their shoes for the best way forwards. I have trained intensely in all areas of of the Psychic world and my Spiriruality and this Psychic gift is the very essence of my life. I hope to share it with you.


Over the years many people have excitedly told me when predictions came true, some are heart warming, some are funny, but all prove how much help the Spiritual world can bring. One I recall vividly was for a lady from London whose only wish was to marry and have the family she dreamed of. She had reached a time in her life where she had abandoned hope. Yet I saw her future with a husband and three children with a home abroad and one in the UK. She now lives in a new home with her growing family, with a holiday home in Thailand.....and she always seems to be smiling. Sometimes this gift can bring a smile to my face too, like the time a plumber came to call and knowing what I did challenged me to tell him why he was taking his van (which was parked out of my sight) to the garage. I told him he had best get the tyre fixed or there would be a problem. The look on his face was priceless. He had a flat tyre and now he has a more open mind.


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