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My name is Earth Angel, I am Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient. I link read with my Spirit Guides and work with the Angels and ascendant masters. I specialize in relationship issues, helping you move forward and find love and happiness on a new level. My guides tell me what I need to know, for you to know. Always with love and light.


I have been Psychic since the age of 6 years. I studied Metaphysics and engaged in many Spiritual circles and Psychic development classes and churches. I became a Reiki Master and opened up my sanctuary for attunements and readings. I also studied colour therapy, and became a colour therapist followed by a Hatha yoga teacher. I have gathered much experience and hope to be of service to you.


I predicted that a gentleman I read for would move to Australia in 2014, find work and settle. He would also find his future life partner and settle long term. I could not see him returning to the UK and would have a very long and happy life. He called me a year later to let me know I was right and was very happy with his new found life and future wife.


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