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My aim is to support, guide and empower my clients. Amongst my trusted tools I use Tarot, my Guides and dowsing along with my Psychic ability. I am patient, caring and calm with my approach and I am not here to judge but just to be the messenger. Through my Psychic work I am able to tap into the answers the client is meant to receive at the time. There are also ponts of action that are passed on to the client that will help them move forward.


My Psychic ability was passed down from my grandmother and I was also encouraged by my father from a very young age. I have training in animal communication and Reiki as well as Tarot, Spirituality and Psychic development. I have talught workshops in meditation and have practised as a life coach. My earlier city based career led me to hold the understanding of both the corporate and business world and this also helps me understand my clients from another perspective too.


I am aware of many predictions that have come true as my clients confirm regularly the people and places I have named. I have also shared visions with my clients that they have later experienced. During my work I have tuned into spaces and enabled cleansing, described the figures that were sent to the light and then given confirmation of the deceased.


Tarot, Angels, Love & Relationships, Spirituality, Clairsentient, Pets, Psychic