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I use Tarot and my natural abilities as a Psychic empath to connect to you, whilst working with Spirit. If you wonder is it possible to predict the future? Consider this, we are creating our futures with every choice and decision we make right now. If we can understand what drives us to make choices, how our past experiences influence us in our current circumstances, we can predict where those actions will lead us, with greater probability. The key is to understand why we make those choices or decisions. Working with Spirit, I can assist you with this.


I had Spiritual visionary experiences as a small child, due to illness and as I grew stronger and older these faded. I grew into an artistic and sensitive teenager with all the usual teenage problems. Then out of the blue the visionary experiences returned. I learnt to control my ability through meditation and his led me to training in the mid 1980's. I consider daily meditation an important aspect of my spiritual practice and I have taught meditation in classes and workshops.


During an email reading for a female client in the USA, as I was typing I kept getting an image of a very ornate, tiny pair of scissors. This image was very insistent to the point I had to stop and ask 'what are you trying to tell me?' I then heard a few words that I quickly wrote into the email describing the whole experience to my client. The message was a warning about hidden water under cobbled stones beside an iron gate, and I had to admit to my client that this made no sense to me, but as the message came from Spirit I was obliged to pass it on to her. Within a few hours she emailed me back and said the description I had given her of the scissors was exact to a pair she had, that once belonged to her great, great grandmother who was a seamstress and now these belonged to her. Several weeks later she emailed again to tell me that the water message turned out to be a warning of a well that existed under a property she was about to purchase to renovate, the well would have made this work unstable and was not on any documents related to the property.


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