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I am an intuitive happiness coach delivering enlightenment through my Psychic gift using Tarot and Angel cards alongside Spirit Guides. Your life is precious; don’t settle for anything less than awesome.


People have always been drawn to me for advice, guidance and support because of my caring nature and strong intuition. I have developed these gifts to answer my true Spiritual calling of helping people and delivering enlightenment to help people find their happiness.


I have recently supported, nurtured and guided someone who came to the end of a marriage and yet I saw a great new love coming to them soon. This great love was found almost immediately. However, they got off to a bumpy start and they lost faith. I assured them that this love would return and within weeks they were blissfully happy and looking forward to a wonderful life together.


Tarot, Angels, Clairvoyance, Love & Relationships, Spirit Guides, Psychic, Family & Home