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All my readings are carried out under trance state. I allow myself to relax so that my spirit guide can take over the call and deliver messages to you through my energy and vocal chords. I will introduce myself to you and then enter a state of trance whereby you will speak directly to Jonathan through me. It may come as a shock to you when you first hear Jonathan’s voice but please do not be alarmed, he is kind and caring with infinite spiritual wisdom to impart. His voice is calm and gentle and will put you at ease. Please relax and enjoy your reading.


I have had nine years’ experience of doing trance and I developed my gift through sitting in a weekly trance Mediumship group. This has led to one to one and group readings, demonstrations in Spiritual churches and also Skype and telephone readings. I have carried out readings under trance on a Canadian radio station and also given trance readings at Psychic fayres.


There are so many stories I could tell about readings but I won’t bore you with them and will just give you a couple of examples. A friend was told by my guide that she would find the job she'd be happy with and she came back to me months later and told me she had got just what my guide told her. It had come true. She was very happy. He also informed my group a few years ago that I would teach trance and that I would be on a radio show which all came to pass as well.


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