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I work in a sacred space I’ve created especially for my Spiritual readings. I focus on your energy and connect with my Guides who assist me during the reading by showing me images of what is currently surrounding you and telling me what you need to know for the path ahead.


I have always had sensitive and intuitive abilities, along with a deep fascination of anything to do with the occult. An eclectic Witch, I do everything from Tarot, Crystal Dowsing and Meditation to Reiki, Astrology and Spellcraft. I spent several months in New Zealand where I worked with Mediums and Psychics, as well as enhancing my connection to my Guides and Angels with a Maori clairvoyant’s help. It was a very enlightening and incredible experience that has greatly enhanced my life, the wisdom of which I am happy to pass on to those I read for.


A lady once came to me with concerns whether a big career change was going to create a negative impact on her home life. The cards for the reading, while showing her fear of change, were very positively aspected and I saw travel over water benefiting her. The cards told her to have strength and take the plunge and she’d receive her rewards for her courage. While her promotion was still based in the UK, a few months later she got the opportunity to travel to America with her job. While originally meant to be a temporary move she has now been there for 10 months and is very happy that she committed to the move.


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