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I am a clairvoyant / psychic and I use the tarot cards to initiate the reading. The tarot is a tool or a medium from which answers to my clients questions begin to unfold.


I am a natural psychic; I was born with the gift. I was introduced into Shamanism a few years ago and now use it as an important tool to give correct readings and counselling when necessary.


I have given many a reading but this particular one comes to mind as something special because : A young lady approached me 3 years ago for a reading about her then boyfriend who I felt was no good to her and she completely dismissed it as the reading was not to her taste and she felt I was wrong. A few months later she came back to me saying I was correct and would like another reading. I saw a few admirers on the way but there was one man not of her religion would be the one for her. It all came to pass and now they are expecting a new addition to their family in a few weeks’ time.


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