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I will link in to a customer clairvoyantly and connect with my spirit guides. This will enable me to “see” what is going on past and present, as well as making predictions based on the information given to me. I can use Tarot/Angel Cards and a pendulum to really give an in depth reading. I will not make any judgement on your situation and can empathise with how you are feeling. This allows me to give you unbiased information which will hopefully clarify many things.


I first started to see and hear people/visions at the age of 11. This continued intermittently until the age of 21 when I had started to hear voices. I had been so worried I was suffering with mental health issues until a lady at a charity psychic evening approached me to explain what was happening. I then attended a spiritual church that helped me to control my abilities. Since then I have been self-taught and have read since that time.


I once predicted that a lady would leave her full time high profile job to set up a successful business. The client in question found this very hard to believe so ended up hanging up and ending the reading. Nine months later she came back to me to offer an apology as she had been pushed out of the other job and subsequently set up a very successful estate agency in the USA tripling her income in six months.


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