Wanda S

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Wanda S

I am an Astrologer and Tarot reader, sometimes including Angel and Flower cards if appropriate. I set up a ‘consultation astrological chart’ the moment someone contacts me as this often shows the immediate focus of the reading. Surrounded by crystals, one often catches my eye during a reading, and I incorporate its message within the reading. Sometimes I get a psychic thought just out of the blue, like a message from spirit.


As a child I was able to guess people’s sun signs without knowing anything about Astrology, which set me on the path of learning this art. I’ve studied with a number of schools and have headed astrological organisations, written two books on astrology, countless articles, and had an astrology column in a national newspaper. Along the way I studied tarot, past life regression, crystals and divination. Working with Spirit has been my life’s work.


I often use astrology in dream interpretation. A client related a dream, where she was looking in a mirror but then looked away, this happened twice. It was a recurrent dream which she found disturbing. I suggested there was something in her life that she had avoided looking at, possibly her reputation/career, and didn’t want to make a decision. It was possible that she was not on her chosen path in life. She agreed saying she was desperately unhappy at work. I suggested that if she actually started looking for another job, one would present itself in two weeks. There was no recurrence of the dream after the consultation. Within two weeks, she got a job offer and went back to her nursing career.


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