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When giving a reading I strive to make it as clear and uplifting as possible looking at all sides of the situation and getting to the root of what may be holding a situation or relationship back. Having my own successful practice and working both on TV and in live shows the rapport I build with the client is all important. It has always been a privilege and honour to be invited into peoples circumstances and as such I feel that their reading needs to give them clarity and a goal moving forward.


I have always been aware of feeling things around me that I could not explain but it seemed as though this was a family trait as my father was also very intuitive and encouraged me from the side-lines so in my early 20 s I decided to study at the college of psychic studies in London to see if I could figure out the information I was being given. It was as though a door was opening. I could interpret the information better and with a mix of practicing on my friends and family my gift grew and I became more secure in giving others the information I had received. Although I primarily work hands free relying on my clairaudient and clairvoyant skills I was drawn to various tools and techniques and mastered the Tarot, Angel and Oracle cards first then moving forwards into palmistry, numerology, astrology both western and eastern and finally conquering the tea leaf and coffee grind a fabulous skill I learnt when working abroad. As a working Psychic I am always aware that we are growing and learning each day and the wealth of information around us brings us security and comfort when we cannot see our direction forwards.


Over the years I have had many memorable experiences with clients both old and new but the most recent that springs to mind is when I was working at a function for a well-known charity as the entertainment just after Easter of this year. A group of ladies approached and with much giggling asked to have readings. I took the hand of the first woman and felt the presence of a young man next to her who felt as though he had been part of her life but had drifted away many years before. I described him and gave his name and validations that came through with a huge number 3 above her head she paled and said it had been the love of her life who had drifted away from her when they had gone to separate universities I pointed out that I felt sure he was around her and making an effort to come forwards she laughed and said it was highly unlikely as they had not clapped eyes on each other for over 20 years and she was sure his life had moved on although she was still looking for love. She took my card and left I received a voice mail message 3 months later to say they had met completely by chance the week before and it was as though the years had melted away and they had thrown themselves into rekindling their friendship and it had been 3 months to the day since her reading but also on platform 3 of Reading Station.


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