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I am clairvoyant and us the Tarot cards as a tool in my readings. I am a down to earth, gifted psychic that can provide you with guidance and direction. I have years of experience reading for people from all nationalities and cultures. It may be that you are looking for relationship guidance, a new love interest, career concerns, a house move; whatever your concern may be I can help provide you with valuable foresight.


I have over 15 years as a trusted psychic and I have travelled Europe reading for people over the years. It was at the age of 13 when I first started having psychic experiences. My grandmother Megan was clairvoyant and I believe I share her gifts. I have worked at various events in the UK and Spain. My customers have stayed with me for many years.


I often receive feedback from customers which is always welcome. I predicted for one lady that she would be moving to a warmer climate and starting up her own business. She now lives abroad and manages a real estate business. My readers return to me for guidance on many areas of life. They are often surprised to hear the good news that I have to share with them and it is always a pleasure to hear back from them.


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